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The end for TrainingBlog?

No, not yet.

...but we are forced to make some changes very soon.

We have many plans for TrainingBlog, but we did not succeed in getting enough advertisements and sponsorship in the beginning so motivation to prioritze this project was sadly lacking. Now we are soon out of funds and we don´t have the time to develop the site without assurance for a profit. We must also admit that the code for the site is not optimal, due to being started as a project on school and thus lack of programming experience. To bring the site up to the standard of 2018 would mean a complete new code in a different programming language which obviously is a huge job. 

So... we would like to invite our users for a little brainstorming about how we should proceed. One of the things we are considering is making everything open source, but as mentioned it would be far better to just begin from scratch with new programmers and maybe then making the site open source if that would be for the better for the site. We really truly believe in TrainingBlog. We was one of a kind when we first arrived and many of the original ideas has not been incorporated by our ever growing competition of great logging software out there. Are you an experienced programmer that wants to join our team, then please contact us and we can try to start all over and maybe get some sponsors that might let this site fund itself and let it prosper as it should do.

Any other ideas is also welcome. In the meantime, things will stay as they are but users might experience an even slower performance because the funds does not allow us to use the same server as today. We have to downgrade.

Thanks to everyone supporting us and everyone that regularly are using the site. We cross fingers that TrainingBlog might live on... please get in touch if you have any ideas for how we should proceed.

Good news is that the site will live on like this for another 2 years, we have payed the hosting provider for two new years.

Best regards,
Stian Walgermo (programmer, ideas and developer) and Einar Gilberg (director, public relations and ideas)

Follow the world classic championship in powerlifting

The IPF classic world championship starts today and runs till next sunday. The meet is held in Salo, Finland.

You can follow the meet live here.

Follow the world championship in powerlifting (WC 2014)

The IPF world championship equipped starts today and runs till saturday. The meet is held in Denver, USA.

You can follow the meet live here.

Version 1.3.0 released!

A new version is out, check out the changes bellow! Cool 

This update is mainly bugfixes and optimization.



- Added fastclick.js, removes 300ms lag on touch for mobile/tablet browsers (25/4-14)



- Added 30+ new exercises! (Over 560 exercises in total)

- Added cooperation with (1/9-14)

- Added copy to clipboard function to post (27/5-14)

- Added ads to blog/profile page (29/4-14)

- Added advertisement to edit post, edit template and edit draft (23/4-14)

- Added a better selector for exercises in Hall of fame page (23/-14)



- Updated personal best tracker to show total Meet PR! (7/10-14) - Read more about ut here.

- Tweaked GUI of comments (9/7-14)

- Updated font-awesome to v4.2.0 (03/10-14)

- Updated Highcharts to v4.0.4 (03/9-14)

- Updated Bootstrap to v3.2.0 (28/6-14)

- Updated comment-widget on news-page (5/5-14)

- Updates ads in post and newsfeed, ads at left side sticks to top when scrolling and same for ads at the right from comments in posts (29/4-14)

- Small GUI update to frontpage before login, added social section (27/4-14)

- Fine tuned styling of post in blog (23/4-14)

- Updated design of comment widget in blog (23/4-14)



- Fixed bug on PBT, did not show PRs on meets (3/10-14)

- Fixed post dont show if text only and not logged in (2/9-14)

- Fixed infinite scroll on newsfeed (15/7-14)

- Fixed scaling bug of images/videos in news-posts, more responsive now (27/6-14)

- Error when only cardio was logged (23/4-14)

- Fixed PBT included draft and templates in check (23/4-14)

- Fixed calendar-page and add new category-page, missing design update after v1.2.0 (23/4-13)

- Fixed comment widget in blogs, now displays 5 last comments (23/4-14)

- Fixed delete draft not working (23/4-4)

- Fixed Hall of fame incl. draft and templates (23/4-14)


The next update will be AWESOME, stay tuned! Trainingblog will take a big leap to be more social and engaging :)


Please comment under for feedback ;)


Enhancement to personal best tracking added!

As an part of the upcoming v1.3 of the Personal Best Tracking system has been enhanced with new features!

New features

  • Notify if a meet is a new personal best total (example on the screenshoot above)

  • Notify if a meet is tie of previous personal best total 

  • If you had an bad day the PBT will also notify how far from your personal best you achieved

  • The PBT will also display if its your first meet (debut meet). If its not your first meet, you should add it to trainingblog Cool


You can already test the new features, if you have any suggestion to other improvements feel free to comment :)


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Version 1.3.0 released!
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Enhancement to personal best tracking added!
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