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Version 1.3.0 released!

A new version is out, check out the changes bellow! Cool 

This update is mainly bugfixes and optimization.



- Added fastclick.js, removes 300ms lag on touch for mobile/tablet browsers (25/4-14)



- Added 30+ new exercises! (Over 560 exercises in total)

- Added cooperation with (1/9-14)

- Added copy to clipboard function to post (27/5-14)

- Added ads to blog/profile page (29/4-14)

- Added advertisement to edit post, edit template and edit draft (23/4-14)

- Added a better selector for exercises in Hall of fame page (23/-14)



- Updated personal best tracker to show total Meet PR! (7/10-14) - Read more about ut here.

- Tweaked GUI of comments (9/7-14)

- Updated font-awesome to v4.2.0 (03/10-14)

- Updated Highcharts to v4.0.4 (03/9-14)

- Updated Bootstrap to v3.2.0 (28/6-14)

- Updated comment-widget on news-page (5/5-14)

- Updates ads in post and newsfeed, ads at left side sticks to top when scrolling and same for ads at the right from comments in posts (29/4-14)

- Small GUI update to frontpage before login, added social section (27/4-14)

- Fine tuned styling of post in blog (23/4-14)

- Updated design of comment widget in blog (23/4-14)



- Fixed bug on PBT, did not show PRs on meets (3/10-14)

- Fixed post dont show if text only and not logged in (2/9-14)

- Fixed infinite scroll on newsfeed (15/7-14)

- Fixed scaling bug of images/videos in news-posts, more responsive now (27/6-14)

- Error when only cardio was logged (23/4-14)

- Fixed PBT included draft and templates in check (23/4-14)

- Fixed calendar-page and add new category-page, missing design update after v1.2.0 (23/4-13)

- Fixed comment widget in blogs, now displays 5 last comments (23/4-14)

- Fixed delete draft not working (23/4-4)

- Fixed Hall of fame incl. draft and templates (23/4-14)


The next update will be AWESOME, stay tuned! Trainingblog will take a big leap to be more social and engaging :)


Please comment under for feedback ;)


Enhancement to personal best tracking added!

As an part of the upcoming v1.3 of the Personal Best Tracking system has been enhanced with new features!

New features

  • Notify if a meet is a new personal best total (example on the screenshoot above)

  • Notify if a meet is tie of previous personal best total 

  • If you had an bad day the PBT will also notify how far from your personal best you achieved

  • The PBT will also display if its your first meet (debut meet). If its not your first meet, you should add it to trainingblog Cool


You can already test the new features, if you have any suggestion to other improvements feel free to comment :)


Introducing copy to clipboard!

As a part of the upcoming stability fix v1.3 we are introducing a new user-requested feature copy to clipboard!

Since many of members writes their trainings at other sites/forums is it now easier to copy-paste the content.
You will find the copy-button under the title of your post.


Howto use it

  1. Click the copy to clipboard button
  2. Select the input you want to paste it in
  3. Ctrl+v or right click and paste




Stay tuned for the next update v1.3, contains fixes and new exercises.

Version 1.2.0 released!

Easter update now live, check out the changes bellow :)

This update has been focused on performance and mobile/tablet support, enjoy! 





- Optimized/rewrite of code + reduced SQLs - Personal best tracker (15/4-14)

- Changed cache-method to filecache (15/4-14)

- Removed unnecessary code (15/4-14)



- 5 new exercises (21/4-14)

- You can now link to your facebook-page and instagram-page (18/4-14)

- Added possibility to post trainings from blog (17/4-14)

- You can now add homepage or link to sponsor (17/4-14)

- Added possibility to upload blog cover picture, be creative or promote your sponsor (16/4-14)

- Added basic stats, kg, reps, sets to blog header (16/4-14)

- Added option to turn on/off middle intensity on exercises (15/4-14)



- Updated design all over, new feel on post-editor (21/4-14)

- Updated bootstrap 3.1.1 (16/4-14)

- Updated Font Awesome 4.0.3 (16/4-14)

- Updated highcharts (13/3-14)



- Fixed delete comments also if post contains comments on delete (20/4-14)

- Fixed minor bugs on personal best tracker (19/4-14)

- Fixed bug comments on post page (15/4-14)

- Fixed pagination on text only posts (14/4-14)

- Fixed minor bug, midle intensity trainings (14/4-14)

- Fixed deprecated code, in comment if video included (14/4-14)

- Fixed deprecated timenow code (14/4-14)

- Fixed minor bug post from homepage (14/4-14)



- Removed add post link in header (19/4-14)

- Removed required field on user settings (16/4-14)

- Removed social share buttons on posts (15/4-14)


Please comment under for feedback ;)

Version 1.1.0 released!


This update has been live for a while now, here is the list off changes!


Changes from v1.0.4 to v1.1.0



+ Added auto recognize url for media sites like YouTube etc. to all post (21/1-14)

+ Added link to news-page in headermenu before login (12/2-14)

+ Added weekly reminder for users not logged in last 7 days (3/2-14)

+ Added weekly reminder for users that never logged in, only registered (4/2-14)

+ is now more accessible, blogs and blogpost are now open to non logged in users as long as the blog owner has selected public in settings (24/1-14)

+ Added new commenting system with notifications (22/1-14)

+ Added dropdown notification to friend request and new messages (26/1-14)

+ Added totalt weight lifted to week view on volume stats (20/1-14)

+ Added timeago.js to newsfeed, updates time ago every minute (20/1-14)

+ Added Trainingblog-logo to emails sent when commenting and PMs (26/1-14)

+ Added possibility to copy sets on edit training and edit template (27/1-14) 

+ Added link to from forum tabs (27/1-14)

+ Added display to newsfeed in the footer if the post is private, public or friends only (30/1-14)

+ Added simple post on newsfeed page (30/1-14)

+ Added reminder for users that have registered but not logged in yet (2/2-14)

+ Over 40 new exercises (531 in total) (8/3-14)



- Updated Highcharts (13/1-14)

- Updated jQuery and jQueryUI (27/1-14)

- Updated post on newsfeed to show html and videost/pictures if included (21/1-14)

- When clicking on forum threads on home page the page loads in the same tab, previous opened in new tab (28/1-14)



! Fixed a bug created form previous update regarding adding new sets on edit training and edit template (14/1-14)

! Fixed that correct language/translation is used on emails when sending PM and commenting posts (26/1-14)

! Fixed width of text-editor on small screens (16/1-14)

! Fixed new comment post performance (26/1-14)

! Fixed bug on stats volume, does not remember selections (21/1-14)

! Fixed bug on stats volume week starts on sunday and week count starts on zero (21/1-14)

! Fixed bug on post where heaviest weight not selected, third fix on this one (20/1-14)

! Unable to delete comments if url contains #comments (26/1-14)

! Missing background image on forgot password page (21/1-14)

! Fixed not able to copy set after exercise change (27/1-14)

! Fixed bug if multiple quotes in comments (28/1-14)

! Fixed recent comments on home page if title is missing (28/1-14) 

! Fixed accessing post inside blogs if title is missing (30/1-14)

! Fixed dont show bodyweight in blogs if its 0 (31/1-14)

! Fixed bug, max weight on trainings dit not show decimals (2/2-14)


Take a look at what is coming next here


Do you have any suggestion or a bug to report, tell us here!

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