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Changes coming in v1.0 beta 3

I have changed my mind about calling it an release candidate so we will stick to the beta name a little bit more!


Changes from beta 2 to beta 3:

+ Change the name from ThePowerlifters to Trainingblog 

+ Mobile and tablet support

+ Support for Raw meets (IPF) 

+ New left side menu ala facebook

+ Support for Strongman exercises

+ Level-system based on posts and comments 

+ More exercises 

+ Search for members 

- Responsive tables (Fits all screensizes)

- Better tabbing between sets on new training

- Updated fitvids.js

- Updated chat

- updated forum

- Updated TinyMCE

- Updated Design

- Updated datetime picker

! Fix edit picture and video on comments 

! More fixes 


It may come more additions to the list above :) 

Releasedate: Unknown, but hopefully next week! 

A little sneakpeak of what to come in v1.0 RC1!

Here are some fresh new images from the next update, v1.0 Release Candidate 1!

* Strongman? 


* Update to the navigationbar, I also think i see a searchform there!? Smil

The weight and rep input has also been updated to support "steps". Kg/lbs has 0.1 stepping and reps has 1.0. (This is for easier use on Mobiles/tablets). Tabbing between inputs is also fixed now for all browsers. More to come here!

* Updates to the frontpage, look at the left menu! 

This is not the final design for the menu or menupoints! If you have any suggestion please add a comment below!

* New dropdown design!

For better reading and icons added!

* Level? Hmm, Interesting!

 This is some of the things to come in the next update, stay tuned!

Thanks for all the bug-submits and tips for improving the site, keep it up Cool 


Also check the update to the facebook page here

Info about adding date to your training and update to the frontpage!

Some info regarding setting correct dates on training and meets!


  • When adding a new post select the start-time of the training/meet from the calender!

Changes on frontpage:

  • The time thats showing how long ago the post was added, now shows the time the post was added not the date set by you on the calender! (Starting from now)

So the date set by you is showed under the Title of the post now with hours and minutes like 24.12.2011 @ 12:00.

Before only the date was showed like 24.12.2011.

Version 1.0 beta2 released!

Changes from v1.0 beta to v1.0 beta2:   

+ Updated volume stats with filtering training and meets

+ Added "set comment" and "rep fails" to add training 

+ Added possibilty to add images and videos to comments 

- Fixed statistics volume and general statistics, some small calculation bugs 

- Added hover-text to icons on add training 


+ = Added

- = Changed 

! = Fix

x = Removed

Read the full changelog here.

Version 1.0 beta released!

Changes from v0.9.9 beta to v1.0 beta: 

+ Added forum

+ Added remember me function  (Need fix)

+ Added hours and minutes to date/timepicker and made it touchable via tablets and phones

+ Added some summary stats on volume page under the graph 

+ Added sort by friends on frontpage 

+ Added last training/meet from friends on friends-page 

+ Added privacy page

+ Added function to hide personal info 

+ Added welcome email to new users (email and password)

- Changes to the menu (Align right)

- Changed the new category page to look good 

- Optimizing 

! Fixed correct tab view on all pages  (I think)


+ = Added

- = Changed 

! = Fix

x = Removed

Read the full changelog here.


We need your help! Find "The name of our site" thread in the forum


And as always feel free to comment this update here!  Cool or in the new forum Blunke

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