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Don Reinhoudt 408 kgs raw squat

"The super heavyweight Don Reinhoudt does 408 kg in the squat. He attempted a world record 950 pounds (431 kg), but it was too heavy for the junior from Fredonia.
Anyways it will be interesting to follow his progression. He might be able to soon challenge the world champion John Kuc. That is if John Kuc still competes as a
super heavyweight. We are informed that last year his doctors ordered him to lose 30 kilos of bodyweight. His high bodyweight got him worried, high blood pressure etc."

This was in 1970 and from 1973-1976 Don Reinhoudt won the IPF world championships 4 times in a row in the super heavies! He did 934 lbs completely raw in the squat and
a massive 2391 lbs total raw! In 1979 he won the World Strongest Man and beat among others the legendary Bill Kazmaier.

John Kuc lost his 30 kgs and competed in the -110 kgs class where he got numerous world records and world titles.

Arnold and Sergio

Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr.Olympia 1971 while Sergio Oliva was disqualified for entering an unsanctioned meet, but was allowed to pose for the crowd for exhibition. The following year they indeed faced eachother. Arnold claimed his third Mr.Olympia in a row and Oliva got second place.

Norwegian Powerlifting Championship 1972 & Frank Zane

Even before the Norwegian Powerlifting Federation was officially born there was national championships in Norway. Famous olympic weightlifter Leif Jensen (, winner at the Summer Olympics in München in 1972, warmed up for his olympic gold with being the best lifter in powerlifting (!) at the national championships only months prior to the olympic games.

Winner of Bikini Fitness was reborn some years ago, but it also existed in the seventies. Wife of Mr. Olympia Frank Zane ( won the bikinicontest at NABBA Mr.Universe.

Introducing copy to clipboard!

As a part of the upcoming stability fix v1.3 we are introducing a new user-requested feature copy to clipboard!

Since many of members writes their trainings at other sites/forums is it now easier to copy-paste the content.
You will find the copy-button under the title of your post.


Howto use it

  1. Click the copy to clipboard button
  2. Select the input you want to paste it in
  3. Ctrl+v or right click and paste




Stay tuned for the next update v1.3, contains fixes and new exercises.

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