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Now you can log CARDIO on trainingblog!

Today we have released the first update for loging CARDIO on!

To start, create a new post.  

Select Cardio in the category selection, then cardio-exercise!

You can asign time used in HOUR - MINUTES - SECONDS and DISTANCE, both are optional but one of them is needed.

Screenshot - new post - cardio


Screenshot - There are many different displays for cardio depending on what inputs its got


There are no statistics yet for cardio, but it will arrive on the next update :)



Major performance increase added!

Today is introducing caching to the system.

The first test shows up to 500% faster page load of trainings!

Added caching for viewing of trainings, dramatically increased performance! ( (20/6-13)


Page load of an normal training with 7 exercises was dramatically reduced after caching! 



How does it work?

On first page load the cache is saved in the memory, so when the next person visits the page its just read from the cache.
A cached training last for 1 week before the training-cache is cleaned.
If you update a training the cache is reset.


Important fixes released!

A couple of important fixes has been released!

Fixed bug, unable to change exercise on edit training/edit template (19/6-13)

Fixed bug, unable to change order of exercises on edit training/edit template (19/6-13)

Read more about new fixes and updates here.

Average Intensity added!

An new statistics view is added to trainings, Average Intensity

What does Average Intensity actually mean?

You simply sum all the sets, along with the number of reps for each set.
(Total weight of all sets / total reps of all sets) = Average weight lifted

(100 kg x 10 x 5 + 115 + 130 x3 = 1965 kg/18 = 109.16 kg on average)
After average weight is found you divide that with the current 1RM of that exercise, such as 160 kg (109.16 / 160 = 68% Average Intensity). 


Average intensity per exercise



Total average intensity for trainings


Why Average Intensity?

Its recommended/researched that for people training to get stronger, the average intensity should be around 70%, if you sum up all trainings in a week.
For average intensity to be precise the weights calculated should be from 60% of 1RM and upwards. 


Version 1.0 RC6 released!

Major bugfix release today + a couple new features!


Changes from v1.0RC5 to v1.0RC6

+ Added weightlifting meet statistics (15/5-13)

+ Added feature to delete post from profile (16/5-13)

+ Added newsfeed-filter for your posts only (15/5-13)

- Tweaks and updates to powerlifting meets page + added separate equipment and raw tables for better overview (7/5-13)

- Updated exercises on volume stats page (15/5-13)

- Updated forum (15/5-13)

- Updated jQuery migrate (15/5-13)

! Fixed missing avatar on left-side menu for user with no profile-picture (16/5-13)

! Fixed bug, wrong display of heaviest set on trainings (16/5-13)

! Fixed footer on settings pages (15/5-13)

! Fixed correct url on email from PM sent (15/5-13)

! Fixed email-bug when accepting friend request (14/5-13)

! Fixed bug when changing bw on meets, weightcat not updated (14/5-13)

! Fixed load more post on frontpage styling (13/5-13)

! Fixed show trainingplace if empty (13/5-13)

! Mobile fixes, menu now works on mobile again! (7/5-13)


+ = Added
- = Changed 
! = Fix
x = Removed 

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