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Version 1.0RC2 released!

Just some minor but important changes on this release!

Changes from v1.0 RC1 to v1.0 RC2:

+ Moved site to from

- Updated frontpage, moved registration to separate page

x Removed invitationcode 

Preview of the new frontpage Cool

Version 1.0 RC1 update info!

This list will be updated continuously :) 

Changes from v1.0 beta 5 to v1.0 RC1:

+ Support for templates added! (2/9-2012)

  • Create new template
  • Create new template + post
  • Create templates from previous posts
  • Update template
  • Public or private template (8/9-2012) - updated (15/9-2012)

NB! When creating an template either weight or rep inputs must have a value!

+ Support for drafts added! (8/9-2012)

  • Save new posts as draft
  • Post draft after saved as draft, get removed from draft list

NB! When creating an draft either weight or rep inputs must have a value!

+ New theme, lighter feel and new font-type for easier reading (29/8-2012)

+ Added Trainingblog original logo to header menu (30/8-2012)

+ Auto add sets after repetition input - Experimental, feedback? (6/9-2012)

+ Added better display of dumbbells in post, now dumbbells shows as (weight + weight x reps) instead of (totalweight x reps) (19/8-2012)

+ Added MyoReps, now you can mark a set as an MyoReps. Read more here (Norwegian) & here (English) (Can be found in the same list as superset & dropset) (8/8-2012)

+ Added Load set, opposite of drop set (Can be found in the same list as superset & dropset) (8/8-2012)

+ Personal best tracker (PBT) v2 (18/8-2012)

  • Added repetition tracking (for example, 2 repetition up from previous best on that weight), se picture bellow! :) (8/8-2012)
  • Added tracking of repetition personal best if kg/lbs = 0, good for tracking bodyweight exercises! (18/8-2012)
  • Added tracking of personal best regardless of repetition, previously it was based on the same repetition count (18/8-2012)
  • Added tracking of personal best if bodyweight is lower/higher of previous set personal best (18/8-2012)
  • Added settings for Personal Best Tracker to turn on & off different trackers, click here to see (19/8-2012)

+ Added 14 new exercises (350 total now)! (19/8-2012)

Squat rack press eccentric down
Squat rack press

Bench press
Bench press rack press from chest small grip eccen...
Bench press rack press from chest small grip
Bench press rack press from chest medium grip
Bench press jm press

Deadlift stifflegged on box eccentric down

Back selectorized machine with back support

Shoulders six ways
Shoulders scapular lateral raise
Shoulders military press seated behind neck
Shoulders military press standing behind neck

Legs lunges with dumbbells bulgarian

Power jerk

There also been some name changes and fixes to previous exercises!


- Updated Twitter Bootstrap (29/8-2012)

- Update view statistics in posts and added heaviest set (15/9-2012)

- Updated view for blog and post when not logged in (10/9-2012)

- When text only is selected in new post the other fields regarding training is hidden (29/8-2012)

- Changes to the left-side user-menu on frontpage (19/8-2012)

- Changes to new post page, added Template & draft list on the right. Added save options under text input (2/9-2012)

- Changed user-rank names (19/8-2012)

- Updated TinyMce text-editor (8/8-2012)

- Updated graph-library (8/8-2012)

- Minor styles fixes and updates


! Fixed bug that shows private post on frontpage (2/9-2012)

! Footer fix on create & edit post, missing the footer of the page (10/9-2012)

! Fixed if no comment on post, dont show ... on frontpage (11/9-2012)

! Fixed bug if friend privacy settings is selected your post only shows for friends on frontpage (2/9-2012)

! And many other bug fixes!


This list will be continuously updated after each updates is released to the site :)


+ = Added

- = Changed

! = Fix

x = Removed 

Feel free to comment the update if you find bugs or want to come with some tips ! Cool

Trainingblog wallpaper

Rightclick and click save as ;)


What do you think? 

Version 1.0 beta 5 released!

Changes from v1.0 beta 4 to v1.0 beta 5:

+ Added 14 new exercises (336 in total)

+ Added info under users name in the blog, Country | Birthday (Age) | Weight (More to come here later)

+ Added support for Squat - Highbar on meetviews

- Updated TinyMCE text-editor

- Updated FitVids (Video-embeder)

- Updated Graph-library

- Updated the forum, take a look here

- Updated the disqus comment system, read more here

- Small changes to the progress and lifted page

- Moved send PM to after users name in the blog

x Removed old comment settings


Knows issues:

* Changing exercisename and reorder exercises is broken

* Chat is not working

* Lifted today shows wrong value if someone has trained strongman


+ = Added

- = Changed

! = Fix

x = Removed

Read the full changelog here.

Updated forum!

The forum is now updated with a cleaner design that is more similiar with the rest of the site Smil

Take it for a run here Cool

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