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Version 1.3.0 released!

18.10.2014 (Updated 6 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1921 views | Go to comments

A new version is out, check out the changes bellow! Cool 

This update is mainly bugfixes and optimization.



- Added fastclick.js, removes 300ms lag on touch for mobile/tablet browsers (25/4-14)



- Added 30+ new exercises! (Over 560 exercises in total)

- Added cooperation with MyRevolution.no (1/9-14)

- Added copy to clipboard function to post (27/5-14)

- Added ads to blog/profile page (29/4-14)

- Added advertisement to edit post, edit template and edit draft (23/4-14)

- Added a better selector for exercises in Hall of fame page (23/-14)



- Updated personal best tracker to show total Meet PR! (7/10-14) - Read more about ut here.

- Tweaked GUI of comments (9/7-14)

- Updated font-awesome to v4.2.0 (03/10-14)

- Updated Highcharts to v4.0.4 (03/9-14)

- Updated Bootstrap to v3.2.0 (28/6-14)

- Updated comment-widget on news-page (5/5-14)

- Updates ads in post and newsfeed, ads at left side sticks to top when scrolling and same for ads at the right from comments in posts (29/4-14)

- Small GUI update to frontpage before login, added social section (27/4-14)

- Fine tuned styling of post in blog (23/4-14)

- Updated design of comment widget in blog (23/4-14)



- Fixed bug on PBT, did not show PRs on meets (3/10-14)

- Fixed post dont show if text only and not logged in (2/9-14)

- Fixed infinite scroll on newsfeed (15/7-14)

- Fixed scaling bug of images/videos in news-posts, more responsive now (27/6-14)

- Error when only cardio was logged (23/4-14)

- Fixed PBT included draft and templates in check (23/4-14)

- Fixed calendar-page and add new category-page, missing design update after v1.2.0 (23/4-13)

- Fixed comment widget in blogs, now displays 5 last comments (23/4-14)

- Fixed delete draft not working (23/4-4)

- Fixed Hall of fame incl. draft and templates (23/4-14)


The next update will be AWESOME, stay tuned! Trainingblog will take a big leap to be more social and engaging :)


Please comment under for feedback ;)


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