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Version 0.6 released!

11.02.2011 (Updated 9 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1570 views | Go to comments

Rapid updating this week, here is a new one to test!

Changes from v0.5.2 to v0.6 (11/2-2011)

+ Added 5 new exercises

+ Added video-link to progression function if video included

- Completed the video-link feature!

- When clicking on banner you now redirect to frontpage 

! Temporarily fix (I think) for showing online users twice. Feedback?

! Fixed alot of security glithes on all pages, we can now feel safe and secure :)


+ = Added

- = Changed 

! = Fix

x = Removed

Please test the video-link function and report if any issues!

Category: Updates


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