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Version 0.6.2 released!

13.02.2011 (Updated 9 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1563 views | Go to comments

Changes from v0.6.1 to v0.6.2 (13/2-2011)

+ Added new privacy setting, friends (Show only for friends), test it here. feedback?

+ Added ability to change the number of messages to display in inbox and outbox here.

+ Added abilty to delete messages from outbox 

+ Added ability to mark new training as meet, behind place 

- Redesigned the message page, take a look here.

- Sligtly changed the top 3 view in hall of fame, check it here

- Changed the view of PM on comments. 

! Fixed some bugs related to PM.

! Fixed a couple of bugs in the settings pages 


+ = Added

- = Changed 

! = Fix

x = Removed

happy testing !! Blunke 

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