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Version 0.6.3 released!

15.02.2011 (Updated 9 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1491 views | Go to comments

Update two of two of message system.

Changes from v0.6.2 to v0.6.3 (15/2-2011)

+ Added view of sender message when replying messages, requested as usual by Gilberg Blunke

+ Added experimental graph to Profile->Stats 

+ Added update date for comments 

+ Added setting for choosing how many comments to show per page 

+ Added 4 new exercises 

- Completed the overhaul on the message pages, tired..Skrik (10-15 hours in the making) 

- Changed the behaviour when accepting and declining friend request 

- Changed the size of the comment input box  

- Corrected Send PM url in Profile->Info to respond to the message system upgrade 

- Tweaked the pagenavigation function  

! Fixed a bug in Profile->Stats 

! Fixed a bug in Home->Stats when lbs selected 

! Fixed all the bugs in Hall of fame

x Removed the "bodybuilder" in the header/logo 


+ = Added

- = Changed 

! = Fix

x = Removed 

I hope the messaging system works as expected now, please write a comment if not!  

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