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Version 0.7.6 released!

09.04.2011 (Updated 9 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1481 views | Go to comments

Changes from v0.7.5 to v0.7.6:

+ Added a check to see if a lift is new pr or similar to previous pr, if so it displays behind the set :) (For a pr to display a lift in that exercise must have been done before!) This is a test, so be kind and give feedback on this!

+ Added page hit counter to blog post and news articles, shows under bodyweight in blog post and behind author in articles. (Based on ip-adress, 1 hour delay before new "hit" from same IP)

+ Added support for old weightclasses on meets added before 2011. 

- Changed view of training marked as meet, doesnt show number of reps longer, failed attempts have this.

! Fixed a page hit counter bug. 

All the page views has been reset because of some changes to the code!


+ = Added

- = Changed 

! = Fix

x = Removed

Read the full changelog here.

Category: Updates


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