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Updates coming to v1.0

04.10.2011 (Updated 9 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1615 views | Go to comments

Time to post an update of whats going on. In the changelist below you can see whats been done and will be done before the final version of the site. 

Changes from v0.9.5 to v1.0beta (Done): 

+ Added Facebook-like wall on frontpage, new trainings and comments pops up dynamically 

+ Added filter for frontpage, All/friends/followers 

+ Added input-type email on input, on registration 

+ Added ability to change order of exercises on trainings Live!

+ Added ability to change name on exercise  Live!

+ Added free-text search for adding new exercises to training  Live!

+ Added ability to follow a users training (not adding as friend but follow!) 

+ Added ability to get an email when someone comments your training  Live!

- Updated place input on training to suggest places

- Updated some of the statistic pages, (volume & progression)  Live!


- Updated the video-page with some search filter criteria and other snacks  Live!

- Changed input-type login/password to HTML5 placeholder   Live!

- Updated TinyMCE  Live!

- Updated image and youtube loader   Live!

This changes will be updated when v1.0 is finished! releasedate have not been set at this time.

Under development right now:

  • Achivements 

Also coming in v1.0: 

  • New design & logo
  • Mobile version 
  • More detailed statistics
  • More functions (to be announced)

Do you have any suggestion for future functions or fixes, post a comment below!

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