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Version 0.9.8 released!

30.11.2011 (Updated 9 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1645 views | Go to comments

Changes from v0.9.7 to v0.9.8:

+ Added 13 new exercises

+ Added possibility to add your Youtube account available on your profile, add it here! 

- Some small visual changes on the video page  , added lines between videos

- Added red color on failed attempts on the statistic page lifted 

! Fixed a bug with viewing of 1RM on training marked as meets, shows 1rm=0 on first registered meet

! Fixed a bug with the date when updating a post, updated post time and update time when updating an post

! Fixed a bug with sorting of posts in blogs, 2 or more post on same day can have wrong order in the blog 

! Fixed a bug with the Statistic page lifted, showing lifts with 0 reps. 


+ = Added

- = Changed 

! = Fix

x = Removed

Read the full changelog here.

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