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Status update on v1.0

28.12.2011 (Updated 9 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1641 views | Go to comments

Below are completed changes so far.

Changes from v0.9.9 to v1.0: 

+ New Design! (Based on the Twitter Bootstrap)

+ Added new statistics page: Records


+ Added Icons in the menu for new training, friends and messages. 

+ Youtube videos automatically adjust to page width on posts and blogs!

+ Images larger then the page width automatically adjust to page width. 

+ Added different message types on frontpage, new, important, notice, warning.

+ Chat added! (Only users added as friends will display in the chat)

+ Added 11 new exercises 

+ Added TinyMCE to comments Smil

+ Added new categories to Volume statistics page (including biceps!)

+ Overhauled the friend-systen  

+ Possible to delete/remove friends now 

+ Added mail notification on friend request

+ Added new settings page: message. Moved the message setting from general settings to a new settings page 

+ Added navigation arrows on meets (click to go to next or previous meet) 

+ Hover-text when mouse is held over lifts on post marked as Meet.  

+ Added meet criteria to Hall Of Fame 

- Improved names on some exercises 

- Updated the viewing of comments! 

- Changed the notification location to messages ala facebook in the menu 

- Changes to message from friend requests 

- Major speed improvements all over the site!

! Fixed Statistic progress for Weightlifters 

! Fixed a bug on general stats, showing to many meets or meets that the user dont have competed on

! Fixed a bug on the lifted stats, all lifts where showed as failed attempts with red color

! Fixed a bug on login, errors sometimes display on top of page 

! Fixed a bug when opening page without login out or quiting browser, default opens home page not profile page 

! Fixed a ton of small bugs all over the site

Update 30/12-11

+ Added titles to the tabs in blogs and posts

+ Added Facebook recommend and likes 

+ Added support for simple view of blogs and training logged out 

+ Added training/meet info, max weight, total volume to posts on frontpage 

! Fixed bug on age categories on meets 

! Fixed bug users give them self 0 point om comments 

This is the biggest update on the site so far! Cool



+ = Added

- = Changed 

! = Fix

x = Removed

Read the full changelog here.

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