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Changes coming in v1.0 beta 3

08.03.2012 (Updated 8 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1590 views | Go to comments

I have changed my mind about calling it an release candidate so we will stick to the beta name a little bit more!


Changes from beta 2 to beta 3:

+ Change the name from ThePowerlifters to Trainingblog 

+ Mobile and tablet support

+ Support for Raw meets (IPF) 

+ New left side menu ala facebook

+ Support for Strongman exercises

+ Level-system based on posts and comments 

+ More exercises 

+ Search for members 

- Responsive tables (Fits all screensizes)

- Better tabbing between sets on new training

- Updated fitvids.js

- Updated chat

- updated forum

- Updated TinyMCE

- Updated Design

- Updated datetime picker

! Fix edit picture and video on comments 

! More fixes 


It may come more additions to the list above :) 

Releasedate: Unknown, but hopefully next week! 

Category: Updates


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