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Version 1.0 beta 3 released!

10.04.2012 (Updated 8 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1642 views | Go to comments

One of the biggest changes since first release!

Remember to clean cache on the browser to be sure everything is right!


Changes from v1.0 beta 2 to v1.0 beta 3:

+ Better mobile & tablet support (will improve over time)

+ Support for Raw meets (IPF)

+ New left side menu ala facebook

+ Added support for strongman exercises

+ Added level ranking system based on posts

+ Added more exercises

+ Added search for members in the top menu

+ Added simple friend-view on left side inside blog

+ Added email response when someone accept your friend request

+ Added auto-loading of new post on the bottom of the front page

- Changed the name from ThePowerlifters to TrainingBlog

- Changed comment platform to disqus

- Forum now shows latest comments on frontpage (Previous, latest threads)

- Better tabbing between sets on new training

- Updated fitvids.js

- Updated youtube popup window

- Updated chat-client (coming soon)

- Updated highchart framework

- Updated forum software

- Updated TinyMCE editor, loads faster (jQuery version)

- Updated design

- Updated datetime picker

- Many small improvements

X removed blogs page

! Fixed bug on personal settings

! Fixed image class on info page

! Fixed bug on videos page when selecting a user

! Fixed some email errors

! Fixed bug with viewing effectivenes when no time was added to post

! Fixed filter post on frontpage bug

! Display wrong age category on meets fixed

! Fixed many more bugs than those listed here


Knows issues:

* Changing exercisename and reorder exercises is broken

* Chat is not working

* Lifted today shows wrong value if someone has trained strongman



+ = Added

- = Changed 

! = Fix

x = Removed

Read the full changelog here.


Please comment your feedback regarding the changes and if you find any bugs! 


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