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Update for comments!

08.05.2012 by Stian Walgermo | 1768 views | Go to comments

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Frictionless. The goal was to have a very fluid experience in Disqus. The new Disqus is truly realtime — our approach tries to take some of the best pieces of fast-paced chat and combine that with the structured depth of topical conversations.

Quality. Today, Disqus uses “Likes” as a way to give others a lightweight virtual wink. In Disqus 2012, we decided to expand on this with voting actions. With voting, the new Disqus encourages richer discussions to form by letting the community surface the best comments. By pairing this with a smarter scoring system, Disqus will help maintain quality discussions — but without silencing simply less popular opinions.

Personalized. We’re debuting My Disqus — a new personal view for people to stay on top of their conversations wherever they are. This is integrated right into the platform itself, so people will never have to leave the current page.

Discovery. Disqus 2012 will help websites better connect with their audiences. One of the first features to work toward this is the new Community view. This new view shows off the website’s top participants as well as some of the hottest discussions happening right now.

While we’re proud of where we are with Disqus 2012, we’re not done building. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be adding features and making improvements with your help. In the meantime, there are 3 new things about Disqus 2012 that we think you’ll love:
Frictionless realtime. A truly fluid experience that’s available to all websites using the new Disqus.
A carefully crafted user experience that’s deliberately designed to drive participation and traffic on your site.

The new Disqus is also built to be more useful and easier to use for commenters across the web. We put together a video to introduce Disqus to people — check it out!

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