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Yet another update on the design for better compability!

04.04.2013 by Stian Walgermo | 1706 views | Go to comments

Update to Twitter Bootstrap v2.3.1 from v2.2.1.

2.3.1 (February 28, 2013)

  • fix missing event type in dropdown
  • fix delegated data-attrs for popover/tooltip
  • make carousel actually pause when you click cycle
  • fix jshint ref in makefile
  • fix trying to remove backdrop when no backdrop

2.3.0 (February 7, 2013)

Minor release to add carousel indicators, improve tooltips, improve dev setup, and fix bugs.

  • Repository changes:
    • Local instead of global dependencies for our makefile and install process. Now getting started is way easier—just runnpm install.
    • Upgraded to jQuery 1.9. No changes were needed, but we did upgrade the included jQuery file to the latest release.
    • Moved changelog to be within the repo instead of as a wiki page.
  • New and improved features:
    • Added carousel indicators! Add the HTML and it automagically works.
    • Added container option to tooltips. The default option is still insertAfter, but now you may specify where to insert tooltips (and by extension, popovers) with the optional container parameter.
    • Improved popovers now utilize max-width instead of width, have been widened from 240px to 280px, and will automatically hide the title if one has not been set via CSS :empty selector.
    • Improved tooltip alignment on edges with.
    • Improved accessibility for links in all components. After merging, link hover states now apply to the :focusstate as well. This goes for basic <a> tags, as well as buttons, navs, dropdowns, and more.
    • Added print utility classes to show and hide content between screen and print via CSS.
    • Updated input groups to make them behave more like default form controls. Added display: inline-block;, increasedmargin-bottom, and added vertical-align: middle; to match <input> styles.
    • Added .horizontal-three-colors() gradient mixin (with example in the CSS tests file).
    • Added .text-left.text-center, and .text-right utility classes for easy typographic alignment.
    • Added @ms-viewport so IE10 can use responsive CSS when in split-screen mode.
  • Docs changes:

2.2.2 (December 8, 2012)

Bugfix release addressing docs, CSS, and some JavaScript issues. 

  • Docs:
    • Assets (illustrations and examples) are now retina-ready.
    • Replaced Placehold.it with Holder.js, a client-side and retina-ready placeholder image tool.
  • Dropdowns: Temporary fix added for dropdowns on mobile to prevent them from closing early.
  • Popovers:
    • No longer inherits font-size: 0; when placed in button groups.
    • Arrows refactored to work in IE8, and use less code.
    • Plugin no longer inserts popover content into a <p>, but rather directly into .popover-content.
  • Labels and badges: Now automatically collapse if they have no content.
  • Tables: Nesting support with .table-bordered and .table-striped greatly improved.
  • Typeahead:
  • Print styles, from HTML5 Boilerplate, have been added.
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