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Version 1.0 RC4 released!

24.04.2013 (Updated 7 years ago) by N/a N/a | 1799 views | Go to comments

Finally som new features!
Now you can copy your sets when logging if you have many sets on the same weight and reps count. 
There is a new forum platform, use your current email and password to log in.
Changes from v1.0 RC3 to v1.0 RC4:
NEW FEATURE - Copy sets when logging (23/4-13)
+ Added sweet animations when removing exercises and sets (23/4-13)
NEW FORUM -  IP.Boards v3.4.4 (15/4-13)
+ Added some admin moderation options (20/4-13)
- Moved latest from forum over latest comments on frontpage (22/4-13)
- Replaced some ThePowerlifters.com strings and texts with TrainingBlog.com (23/4-13)
- Tweaked personal best tracker for meets (9/4-13)
- Updated forum feed on frontpage (15/4-13)
- Updated sinclair points for 2013-2016 (21/4-13)
- Updated highcharts (22/4-13)
! Fixed tooltip on stats page (8/4-13)
If you want more exercises submit them here.
+ = Added
- = Changed 
! = Fix
x = Removed 
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