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Version 1.0 RC5 released!

06.05.2013 (Updated 7 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1646 views | Go to comments

Big update released today, enjoy!


Changes from v1.0 RC4 to v1.0 RC5:

+ New exercises -> http://trainingblog....apr-2013/?p=114

+ Reset password function added, find it behind login at landingpage (6/5-13)

+ Added new statistics page, powerlifting meets (6/5-13)

+ New effectiveness stats, kg/lbs per hours (3/5-13)

- Visual update on statistics inside training (2/5-13)

- Small visual update on the frontpage after login (25/4-13)

  * Added styling to profilepictures, moved title of post after name, reduced text-size on comments.

- The comments on the frontpage are now clickable (25/4-13)

- Tweaked PM pages, inbox & outbox (6/5-13)

- Updated jQuery to v2.0.0 from v1.9.1 (25/4-13)

! Fixed bug when displaying weightlifting meets (3/5-13)

! Fixed bug when clicking next/previous post or meet, templates could appear (3/5-13)

! Fixed bug when clicked next or previous meet, skipped raw meets (3/5-13)


+ = Added
- = Changed 
! = Fix
x = Removed 

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