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Average Intensity added!

18.06.2013 (Updated 7 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1804 views | Go to comments

An new statistics view is added to trainings, Average Intensity

What does Average Intensity actually mean?

You simply sum all the sets, along with the number of reps for each set.
(Total weight of all sets / total reps of all sets) = Average weight lifted

(100 kg x 10 x 5 + 115 + 130 x3 = 1965 kg/18 = 109.16 kg on average)
After average weight is found you divide that with the current 1RM of that exercise, such as 160 kg (109.16 / 160 = 68% Average Intensity). 


Average intensity per exercise



Total average intensity for trainings


Why Average Intensity?

Its recommended/researched that for people training to get stronger, the average intensity should be around 70%, if you sum up all trainings in a week.
For average intensity to be precise the weights calculated should be from 60% of 1RM and upwards. 


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