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Trainingblog.com version 1 final released!

02.07.2013 (Updated 7 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1761 views | Go to comments

Finally after almost 4 years in the making, trainingblog.com version 1 final is released "at least the first version"!

It has taken enourmos amont of time to develope, its the users thats have made this site, feedbacks and ideas have been realized and added to the site every month since the beginning in 2009.
It went public first in 2011 after 2 years of developement, in closed beta (invitation only) from january 2011 till spring 2012. Since spring 2012 the site been optimized/polished and got more and more stable, and today its stable enough to call it version 1 final.

Trainingblog will continue to add new features and grow in the future stay tuned!
A list of changes since the previous update attached under.


Changes since v1.0RC6

 Highlights are marked with bold font.

New features

Added caching for viewing of trainings, dramatically increased performance! (http://www.phpfastcache.com/) (20/6-13)

Added smarter newsfeed, added post-type, new training, meet, post etc. (30/5-13)

+ Alot of new exercises! 

+ Added fontawesome, more icons, better customizing (24/5-13)

Added support for CARDIO-Exercises (24/6-13)

Added remember me on login to trainingblog.com (17/6-13)

Added Like & share buttons to posts (14/6-13)

+ If users login in via another page (not frontpage) dont redirect to home (14/6-13)

Added average intensity, displays average weight lifted divided on your current 1RM. (17/6-13)
    * can also be displayed per set, click show details under the set to view 

+ Added new post-button to blogs with no posts, added bigger fonts on empty message (6/6-13)

+ Added load more text when loading more post at bottom of newsfeed (4/6-13)

+ Added news title to tabs in browsers (17/6-13)


- Updated the frontpage, changed picture, removed some stuff and put the register text in center (6/6-13)

- Made news-post available for non-members if shared on facebook or typed in exact url (17/6-13)

- Increased font-size inside posts, added bold font-type on links (24/5-13)

- Updated the navbar with username + avatar (27/5-13)

Updated the design of the newsfeed (24/5-13)

   * Changes position of some elements on home-page (27/5-13)

   * Added place and post-type to feeds (28/5-13)

- Updated the design on profilepage in blogs (24/5-13)

- Refreshed friends page (24/5-13)

- Refreshed features page (22/5-13)

- Updated jQuery to v2.0.2 (5/6-13)

- Updated jQuery UI to 1.10.03 (22/6-13)

- Updated forum (13/6-13)

- Updated Highcharts to v3.0.2 (5/6-13)

- Changed image/video popup to FancyBox, support for other video-sites then YouTube (22/5-13)


Fixed bug, unable to change exercise on edit training (19/6-13)

Fixed bug, unable to change order of exercises on edit training (19/6-13)

! Fixed bug where heaviest set displayed if only cardio (1/7-13)

! Fixed search for exercises on new training when nordic characters like ÆØÅ is used (22/6-13)

! Fixed bug when being redirected to login page, the banner does no show (17/6-13)

! Fixed bug on stats progress, shows PR on lifts with 0 repetitions (no-lift) (14/6-13)

! Fixed bug when hovering PRs regardless of reps, wrong URL and date displayed (13/6-13)

! Fixed bug on personal best tracker, show tie of PR if Weight lifted is = 0 (13/6-13)

! SQL-Error when logging in for a second time without closing browser (6/6-13)

! Fixed bug where time is set to 0, effectiveness stats throws error on show training (4/6-13)

! Fixed date on load more posts on newsfeed (27/5-13)

! Fixed edit post button not responding (27-5-13)

! Fixed bodyweight bug on videos page (22/5-13)

! Fixed a bug on general stats page, wrong meet count (23/5-13)


X Removed show details on exercises if post-type meet (20/6-13)

X Removed total weight lifted and graph on sets when only repetition is registered (17/6-13)

X Removed "..." on newsfeed with posts up to 600 chars (27/5-13)


Please comment if you find bugs or errors related to this update or have something to say about it :)
Suggest new features or exercises in the forum, thanks!

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