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Version 1.0.3 released!

05.11.2013 (Updated 7 years ago) by Stian Walgermo | 1620 views | Go to comments

Bugfix and exercise update released today, enjoy! :)


Changes from v1.0.2 to v1.0.3

+ Added alot of new exercises (22/7-13 & 15/8-13 & 5/11-13)

  * Added all the captain of crush grippers to the forearms category

+ Added squat, bench & deadlift to all meets charts on powerlifting stats (19/8-13)

+ Added minimal loading-bar to header when opening post/trainings (14/10-13)

- Fixed some padding issue with template on add new post page (1/11-13)

- Updated cache script, improved performance! (11/10-13)

- Updated highcharts to v3.0.7 (1/11-13)

- Updated fullcalendar to v1.6.3 (20/8-13)

! Fixed exercise where dumbells are used, split weight to show both dumbells in view (22/7-13)

! Fixed sql-error when posting only cardio exercises (12/7-13)

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