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Version 1.1.0 released!

08.03.2014 by Stian Walgermo | 1654 views | Go to comments


This update has been live for a while now, here is the list off changes!


Changes from v1.0.4 to v1.1.0



+ Added auto recognize url for media sites like YouTube etc. to all post (21/1-14)

+ Added link to news-page in headermenu before login (12/2-14)

+ Added weekly reminder for users not logged in last 7 days (3/2-14)

+ Added weekly reminder for users that never logged in, only registered (4/2-14)

+ TrainingBlog.com is now more accessible, blogs and blogpost are now open to non logged in users as long as the blog owner has selected public in settings (24/1-14)

+ Added new commenting system with notifications (22/1-14)

+ Added dropdown notification to friend request and new messages (26/1-14)

+ Added totalt weight lifted to week view on volume stats (20/1-14)

+ Added timeago.js to newsfeed, updates time ago every minute (20/1-14)

+ Added Trainingblog-logo to emails sent when commenting and PMs (26/1-14)

+ Added possibility to copy sets on edit training and edit template (27/1-14) 

+ Added link to trainingblog.com from forum tabs (27/1-14)

+ Added display to newsfeed in the footer if the post is private, public or friends only (30/1-14)

+ Added simple post on newsfeed page (30/1-14)

+ Added reminder for users that have registered but not logged in yet (2/2-14)

+ Over 40 new exercises (531 in total) (8/3-14)



- Updated Highcharts (13/1-14)

- Updated jQuery and jQueryUI (27/1-14)

- Updated post on newsfeed to show html and videost/pictures if included (21/1-14)

- When clicking on forum threads on home page the page loads in the same tab, previous opened in new tab (28/1-14)



! Fixed a bug created form previous update regarding adding new sets on edit training and edit template (14/1-14)

! Fixed that correct language/translation is used on emails when sending PM and commenting posts (26/1-14)

! Fixed width of text-editor on small screens (16/1-14)

! Fixed new comment post performance (26/1-14)

! Fixed bug on stats volume, does not remember selections (21/1-14)

! Fixed bug on stats volume week starts on sunday and week count starts on zero (21/1-14)

! Fixed bug on post where heaviest weight not selected, third fix on this one (20/1-14)

! Unable to delete comments if url contains #comments (26/1-14)

! Missing background image on forgot password page (21/1-14)

! Fixed not able to copy set after exercise change (27/1-14)

! Fixed bug if multiple quotes in comments (28/1-14)

! Fixed recent comments on home page if title is missing (28/1-14) 

! Fixed accessing post inside blogs if title is missing (30/1-14)

! Fixed dont show bodyweight in blogs if its 0 (31/1-14)

! Fixed bug, max weight on trainings dit not show decimals (2/2-14)


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